Certified Home Inspector

Steve Brink, Certified Home Inspector

Choosing to have a home inspection completed before buying or selling a home in West Michigan helps to ensure there are no major surprises when it comes time to negotiate price. If you are one of the many who are currently wrapping up a real estate deal, contact West Michigan Home Inspectors LLC and allow us to provide you with a thorough home inspection and report.

Our Mission

Founded in 2004 by ACHI-certified home inspector Steve Brink, West Michigan Home Inspectors LLC is committed to providing clients with our best professional opinion on the state of a home’s structure, components and systems. We understand the magnitude of the investment you’re making by purchasing a home in West Michigan, and we want you to feel confident in the services we provide.

Why Choosing an ASHI-Certified Home Inspector Matters

At West Michigan Home Inspectors LLC, we’re fully committed to providing you with a thorough and honest West Michigan home inspection. As ASHI-certified home inspectors, we adhere to a higher standard of excellence, having completed some of the most demanding technical exams and more than 250 inspections prior to earning that designation. We strive to exceed industry inspection standards and will deliver a comprehensive and ethical report to you at the end of your inspection.

During a West Michigan home inspection from Steve Brink and West Michigan Home Inspectors LLC, we will inspect all the major components of a home, both inside and out. We will take a close look at a home’s roof, foundation, HVAC system, water heating system, basement, electrical panel, fireplace, and much more. With ASHI standards in mind, we make it a point to go above and beyond for our clients so that they can rest assured knowing the integrity of their current or potential home has been fully examined.

Are you in need of a West Michigan home inspection? Call West Michigan Home Inspectors LLC at 616-443-0946 to schedule an appointment with an experienced ASHI-certified home inspector who will look out for your best interests.