Termite Inspection

Every year, subterranean termites do more than $1 billion worth of property damage to homes across the country. They’ve become especially problematic for those people living in Rockford, Grandville, Hudsonville, and other parts of Michigan. These termites stay low to the ground and often feast on the wooden structures of homes, forcing homeowners to make costly repairs.

If you suspect you may have subterranean termites in your home, we can conduct a termite inspection. We can also perform termite inspections for those preparing to purchase homes and let them know if we detect the presence of subterranean termites inside of them. Our ASHI-certified home inspector and licensed builder Steve Brink will inspect basements, crawlspaces, and other areas where termites are known to congregate.

While carrying out a termite inspection, West Michigan Home Inspectors will keep a close eye out for specific signs of subterranean termite activity. These signs include:

• Mud tubes leading from the ground up to a food source

• Discarded termite wings on floors, spiderwebs, and windowsills

• Damaged wood in basements, crawlspaces, and other areas of a home

West Michigan Home Inspectors will also use more advanced termite inspection techniques to locate termites in a home. Subterranean termite damage can sometimes be difficult to spot since this type of termite tends to work its way deep down into wood and hollow it out while leaving the surface of it untouched. We’ll use our extensive experience to make sure termites don’t go undetected during a termite inspection.

Would you like to schedule a termite inspection in Rockford, Grandville, or Hudsonville, MI? Give West Michigan Home Inspectors a call at 616-443-0946 today to work with an ASHI-certified home inspector.