Commercial Property Inspector – Grand Rapids, MI

Are you in the process of purchasing a commercial property in Grand Rapids, MI? Or do you just want to know what kind of condition the commercial property you already own is in? If so, West Michigan Home Inspectors is an experienced inspection company that can provide you with the commercial inspections you need. During a commercial inspection, our ASHI-certified inspector and licensed builder Steve Brink will comb through each and every aspect of a commercial property to make sure it’s in good shape and will alert you to any potential problems.

When you call on West Michigan Home Inspectors to perform commercial inspections, we’ll inspect a commercial property from top to bottom to see what we can find. We’ll check out the roof on it as well as gutters, downspouts, and anything else located on the outside of the property. We’ll also go inside and take a close look at everything from the HVAC system and the electrical system to the plumbing system and the flooring. We can inspect grading, drainage, insulation, ventilation, and more depending on the specific commercial property.

At the end of commercial inspections, our ASHI-certified inspector will provide you with a comprehensive report featuring details about our findings. We’ll also answer any questions you might have about the report and talk to you about any recommendations we might make for maintaining and improving a commercial property. This will let you make a more informed decision if you’re planning on buying a commercial property or show you what you need to do to a commercial property that you own to make it safer and more efficient.

To arrange to have commercial inspections in Grand Rapids, MI done, reach out to West Michigan Home Inspectors at 616-443-0946 today.